We finally cut the cord.  We’ve done our research.  But it doesn’t seem like there’s a good choice out there that meets all our criteria. Sling, a product from the Dish Network, is a popular cord-cutting alternative TV provider.  For many sports fans, they become the default choice since they offer ESPN, FS1 and others.  They also often have special offers for freebies like this Roku player.  The service, however, isn’t without its shortcomings.

When you Google Sling, it should definitely read that title.  I find it highly suspect that what bills itself as a la carte TV isn’t actually a la carte!  I mean, it’s like ordering from a diner menu where you get to customize.  But instead of being able to order Pastrami and Swiss w/ fries and pickles, you’re given a pastrami w/ pickles.  If you want to order a soda, you’d have to order the roast beef too.  And the fries are another $15.

Imagine Pastrami is what you like watching on channels like FX and Fox.  But your significant other only watches ESPN (which is the roast beef).  And your kids need Disney Jr (the soda in this case).  And your whole family loves HBO (the $15 fries).  In this scenario, you’re now out $55 at the neighborhood diner.  You may as well have stayed home and ordered in your crappy Comcast, Fios, or Time Warner meal!

But I digress.  I’m testing out the goods.  I’m just letting you all know that there’s no way I can choose the right “cheap” package that the whole family would enjoy.  We seriously only watch 5-6 channels.  And half those channels are on Blue, the other on Orange.  First world problems, I tell you.  Full Review to come in a week (or so).