When you’re searching for apartments in NYC, you tend to look at what look to be too good to be true fake posts on Craigslist, some posts on StreetEasy that you can’t afford, and finally settle on a few apartments within your reach.  Then you also end up digging up some completely useless but nonetheless cool information on some unique looking apartments in NYC.

Take this NYPL secret apartment story from Atlas Osbscura. “Older” cities like NYC definitely have the unique characteristic that allows you to meet history head-on.   You can also spend quite a few hours looking at forgotten-ny.com and start trying to convince yourself that going into the literal underground of NY is a good idea.

But I digress.  I’m supposed to find an apartment.  And I’m supposed to report to you the good deals on apartments I find!  I’ll report back once I get out of the rabbit hole.