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Living is Expensive!

I can tell you right now, when I move out of NYC, it won’t be Redfin catching my statistics. A report from the pioneering company shows migration patterns from ultra-expensive cities to just plain expensive cities!  I mean people from SF moving to Seattle is I guess saving some dough.  But I’m not so sure the migration from LA to SD is saving anyone any money. We’ve definitely seen some stories in about Bostonians moving to Portland, Maine.  But guess what – those stories all use Redfin as their source!  At least we know this shows where Redfin users are...

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AirBnB settled in SF, is your city next?

True story… My neighbors at our Brooklyn apartment loved renting out their place on AirBNB.  And the idiot that I was kept their lodgers entertained when my actual neighbors forgot there were lodgers meeting them for a key.  A couple of times I actually had dinner w/ these said lodgers.  Now it was against our condo board to use AirBnB or otherwise rent your unit for short-term rentals.  But I know a few neighbors did this.  And why not?  I paid 4k for my apartment. They’d get 2k for a week!  I’d have done the same, had I actually...

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Alexa, can you please annoy my neighbors?

So you’ve got your awesome apartment.  But you’re short on funds.  You can’t quite afford several nights out with friends.  You don’t have the awesome setup to have friends over either.  What to do?  Do what I do and wallow in my misery w/ technology.  I’ve tried all the assistants out there. Obviously, if money’s no object, go out and buy an AppleTV or the Echo and hook it up to your new Sonos sound system.  But if you just plunked down what you had on a deposit and rent.  Then you have to budget a little.  For that...

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WTF is Sling TV?

We finally cut the cord.  We’ve done our research.  But it doesn’t seem like there’s a good choice out there that meets all our criteria. Sling, a product from the Dish Network, is a popular cord-cutting alternative TV provider.  For many sports fans, they become the default choice since they offer ESPN, FS1 and others.  They also often have special offers for freebies like this Roku player.  The service, however, isn’t without its shortcomings. When you Google Sling, it should definitely read that title.  I find it highly suspect that what bills itself as a la carte TV isn’t...

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Rabbit Hole

When you’re searching for apartments in NYC, you tend to look at what look to be too good to be true fake posts on Craigslist, some posts on StreetEasy that you can’t afford, and finally settle on a few apartments within your reach.  Then you also end up digging up some completely useless but nonetheless cool information on some unique looking apartments in NYC. Take this NYPL secret apartment story from Atlas Osbscura. “Older” cities like NYC definitely have the unique characteristic that allows you to meet history head-on.   You can also spend quite a few hours looking...

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