So you’ve got your awesome apartment.  But you’re short on funds.  You can’t quite afford several nights out with friends.  You don’t have the awesome setup to have friends over either.  What to do?  Do what I do and wallow in my misery w/ technology.  I’ve tried all the assistants out there. Obviously, if money’s no object, go out and buy an AppleTV or the Echo and hook it up to your new Sonos sound system.  But if you just plunked down what you had on a deposit and rent.  Then you have to budget a little.  For that little budget of yours, I’m going to make an assumption that you already have some (probably crappy) speakers on hand.

Now all you need to join the Digital Assistant world is a little $50 Amazon Echo dot! This little device gives you everything the $179 version has (well, assuming your speakers don’t suck) in a small little puck.  You can now say, “Alexa, turn on some depressing music I can cry to” to your heart’s content.

Alexa can play that music on a streaming service you can’t afford, order pizza that you probably should skip, and catch an uber that you definitely shouldn’t be using if you need to make rent.  The point is, Alexa’s got some “skills” as they officially call it.  According to Amazon, she’s got over 10,000 skills right now that are always being updated.

So do us a favor and get yourself Alexa.  She’ll keep you company by telling you horrible jokes, reading off some of the news and alerting you of the weather outside (should you choose to ever leave your awesome apartment).