We’re NYC and LA based professionals who also dabble in the real estate market. We read, analyze, and report on many real estate topics that happen to interest us.  We’re hoping those same real estate topics we cover also interest you!

Technology and gadgets come a close second to our passion for real estate.  After all, what’s a great apartment worth, if not for all the technology you can fit in it!  Whether it’s the new Sonos speakers or a cheap bluetooth speaker from AliExpress, we’ll try to cover it and give it its fair shake on our real-world review.

Lastly – we don’t use our names.  You can find it easy enough if you dig.  But revealing our names may lead to uncovering some of our sources.

We promise to disclose any potential marketing conflicts.  At this point, we’re not taking ads (not from a lack of trying).  But we’ll be applying for AdSense at some point as well as being an Amazon Affiliate for the product we review.