You want to live in a nice neighborhood without breaking the bank, no? Well, these apartments are a hundreds shy of $2,000.

1. 405 Broadway APT 2F, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – $1,825/month (Studio)

You just want to be in the center of the action while living in a large studio that affords you all that privacy and space you need, without breaking the bank. 405 Broadway, Brooklyn has a lot happening, and it is literally a few steps from Hewes J/M train.

This apartment is not furnished, but doesn’t that make it all the more fun? Imagine what you would do with all the space. You have huge windows to bring in plenty of natural light, and hardwood floors for that classic finish. The marble finishing in the bathroom and kitchen make this place home!

You will have plenty of local bars, tiny cafes, and restaurants to choose from. And oh, Manhattan is only a few minutes commute.

2. 930 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206 – $1,700/month (1-bedroom)

This apartment is in the heart of a residential neighborhood, and so you can count on peaceful nights. The apartments have ample parking in the basement, spacious rooms, and a not-too-bad view of the city.

The rooms are quite huge, with a separate kitchen and bathroom. The floors beautiful hardwood and well maintained, and you can always make it home with your unique style. The windows bring in plenty of light, and the reflecting walls make it seem even brighter. Not bad for a photo lover. Remsen Avenue is a 30-minute drive from New York City and NYU.

Hungry and in no mood to cook? Mike’s Pizza is right at the corner. Myrtle Diner is also in your neighborhood for Modern European take. Get out of your cozy cave once in a while and mingle in one of the numerous clubs along Myrtle Avenue, and even walk back home since the street is well-lit and safe.

3. 3400 Snyder Ave APT 7E, Brooklyn, NY 11203 – $1,650/month (1-bedroom)

This one-bedroom multi-family house makes a comfortable pad for a fun-loving person who just started working. The empty space gives you plenty of ideas if you are artsy and like the idea of playing with colors.

A hardwood floor, well maintained and polished is what you will be working with and a large bathroom complete with a bathtub. The house has a tiny separate kitchen with plenty of drawers to save space. You have large windows, free from distractions, and so you will have plenty of natural light. The view is not to die for, (since the house is not overlooking any sea), but it is not bad for its price.

Snyder Avenue is surrounded by cafes and restaurants as well as local bars for your entertainment. It is also a 9-minute drive to Brooklyn Bay University and 30 minutes from New York City.

4. E 94th St Brooklyn, NY 11212 – $1,700/month (2-bedrooms)

What do you do with a 2-bedroom house in Flatbush? First, you sign the paperwork to secure it then get a roommate and share the $1,700 monthly rent! Such havens are hard to come by, and when they do, they don’t stay on the market for long.

This area is friendly for pedestrians and is serviced by two bus routes and a train. The street is also lined with quaint restaurants and cafes, varying in their cuisines. You have Japanese, Chinese, and even Burmese at your disposal.

The house is 800ft with a small kitchen, and spacious bedrooms. The bathroom surfaces are marble as is the kitchen counter. The windows are not the largest, but they bring in enough light, as there are no buildings nearby to obstruct sunlight.

Fun evenings? Hell yeah! Lorri’s Bar and Chloe’s are only some of the hot spots in town.  Unfortunately, you cannot bring a furry friend along.

5. 134 Grattan St #5 Brooklyn, NY 11237 -$2,000/month (2-bedrooms)

With huge windows bringing in plenty of light and beautiful hardwood floors, this two-bedroom is a steal. It is situated a train ride away from New York City and several amenities in Brooklyn. The entire space measures 800 square feet.

It has a sizeable kitchen has all the appliances needed. If you like many of cabinets in the kitchen for storage (who doesn’t?), you will have them here. This apartment is nested between the Jefferson Street L and Morgan Ave. “L” Stops. All the hot spots are within two blocks reach. Pets are welcome here!

Nightlife is alive in this town. With the commuter options, you can catch a ride to any of the Brazilian bars of Williamsburg. No pets allowed, unfortunately for pet owners.

Now You Know

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